Camp Phoenix - Extreme Adaptive Sports
Scuba Diving
Our passion for Scuba Diving started over 15 years ago, and has never left us. Being underwater, virtually weightless, feels like heaven!  From the very first time that you cautiously lower your head into the water and take a tentative breath, you will discover a world that is so different from the day-to-day that we all encounter.
Bubbles noisily stream past your ears...the air feels a little dry in your mouth...the golden sand beneath you seems strangly soft as you almost float away from it.  Then, out of the corner of your eye you'll notice a fish playing where the sand has got kicked up a little by someone's fin...then you'll realises that there are loads of them swimming around, and the strange noises, nervous breathing and odd sensations will dissapear as you take in the world around you.
We will take you into the water to Try Scuba Diving, a Recognised course for complete beginners.  You will discover how much fun and how easy it is to scuba dive.  The session starts with a short briefing, introducing you to the equipment, and explaining what to expect. Then we enter shallow water and get used to the new sensations of breathing underwater.  Before we go exploring, we will teach you five simple skills - designed to help you get used to the new equipment and so you ca get the most out of your dive. Then we will take a fun tour - discovering not only wonderful animal and plant life, but also how incredible the sensation of flying through the water can be - so free, and so easy.
The great thing about Try Scuba Diving is that, if you find that you are ' bitten by the bug' and would like to become a certified diver, then you have already taken your first steps.  
Scuba Diving is the ULTIMATE equal opportunity sport - absolutely anyone can dive, with ANY physical ability. If you have a medical condition, or are taking prescription medication, you will require a sign-off from your Doctor before getting in the water. Please contact us if you require information about medical issues and diving. We have had considerable experience working with divers with extremely limited physical ability, and are happy to have a chat about any specific requirements or questions you may have.
We provide the full range of Scuba Diving Courses - from complete beginner to Instructor level. We provide Professional Internship Programmes for Trainee Divemasters.