Camp Phoenix - Extreme Adaptive Sports

Military- Resettlement and Enhanced Learning Credits

Our company is based on the belief its important that we support both our servicing military personnel, their families, those injured and those leaving the services.
We offer all serving military and their families 20% discount on internet bookings. We offer anyone needing assistance while diving through injury or medical conditions a 100% guarantee that they will pay no supplements or additional charges - any extra staffing requirements or equipment costs will be covered by us. (Please though talk to us before you book.)
We are trying to work out how to offer resettlement programs and see if we can apply to be a Enhanced Learning credit provider - its early stages.. so any help is welcome, any advice sought ... please feel free to email us and ask about our progress.
Finally we offer our own brand of resettlement in the form of work to qualify - you can  arrange for you to train to a professional level in Ios - for free - you work for your training..... ( terms and conditions apply) we allocate 8 places this year on this scheme - 2013 - running from April to September . Minimum of 3 months internship...  We are now taking booking for 2014!!