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Ios - Greece
Ios is a beauitful Greek Iso located in the Cyclades, known as the "PARTY Island" of Greece. Beside the amazing night life, Ios offers all Camp Phoenix customers the most extensive range of extreme watersports, with beautiful coves and beaches that are a perfect location to learn to Scuba Dive, Sail, Waterski or Wakeboard. 

 Travel to Ios is via ferry from Satorini, Mykonos or Athens airports. Santorini is closest, and Easy Jet is a good place to look for flying to Santorini, which means you avoid an overnight stay before taking the ferry to Ios. Ferry information is available from

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Camp Phoenix is a British owned and run business. Located at 17/19 Risborough Street, London SE1 OHE

Service Providers 
All services provided by Camp Phoenix within Greece are provided by locally registered, licensed, insured third parties. Copies of insurances and relevant service contracts are available on request.